My To Do List Updated


Taken from my list I made when I was ill, updated.

  1. Deep clean my house
    1. hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
  2. Shampoo carpets
    1. See above.
  3. Winterize home and greenhouse
    1. It’s spring bitches. Never happened. I’m surprised the greenhouse is still standing. Poor fish are gone.
  4. Roof greenhouse- wind-proof that bastard
    1. See above. I guess we are in the process of pricing out materials to do in a couple weeks though so some progress.
  5. Finish learning code
    1. I was drugged til early February. I don’t remember crap. Still on list.
  6. Start back on my blog and other writing
    1. Huh well this counts right?
  7. Reorganize basement 
    1. See #1 and #2.
  8. Start walking kids to school again
    1. Though I haven’t specifically done this yet, we have gone on walks and little hikes. Gaining back my strength and muscle mass I lost is taking a long time.
  9. Finish planning Scout year
    1. With help from a new coleader, we are mostly planned and executing plans regularly.
  10. Fix chimney
    1. Yah not yet.
  11. Geocache at the beach
    1. Actually YES! I have done this!! I forgot to post about it. It was fun. We needed more time at the beach but it was great.
  12. Fishing!
    1. Not yet, but soon. Things need to thaw around here.
  13. Finish collecting wood for winter
    1. See #1, #2, and anything that refers to those.

Overall, my body is healing at an intense rate. Doing regular daily things strains my muscles and I’m usually exhausted physically by the end of the day. Considering atrophy began in August and ran til January/February, I have a lot to make up for. The things I’ve been able to do I’ve been excited and proud I’ve accomplished. I walked a half mile! I vacuumed! I lifted my child! YAY! Seems silly but when you haven’t been able to do simple tasks for months it’s amazing.


What do you think?

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