Teach Your Boys To Know Better. 


My 7 year old daughter was sexually harassed at school this week. 

She was walking in a hallway beside a boy in her class on her way to meet her parents after school got out. Another boy coming down stairs yelled ‘hey ___ you walking with your girlfriend!? The boy looked at her in disgust, turned red, and ran. The boy on the stairs laughed. 

This may seem tame and petty for me to be complaining about. E was confused, humiliated, embarrassed. She didn’t feel she had the right to talk to her teacher about the incident as it’s not the first time it’s happened. It wasn’t taken seriously before why would it be now. 

Days later, the boy in her class won’t have anything to do with her. He was teased and humiliated as well; he learned that association with a particular girl will get him this treatment. 

Days later she’s still upset and embarrassed. She’s anxious and frustrated. We (and her teacher- we encouraged a sit down) have reassured her she doesn’t deserve that treatment and the boys will be disciplined. But the feelings haven’t dissipated. She is scared to play with any of her other male friends. Her confidence is shaken. I can just imagine what the boy feels. 

It’s never appropriate for a boy to tease another boy about walking beside a girl going the same direction. Girls should not have to deal with this harassment of just walking. They shouldn’t have to stick up for themselves over something so mundane. 

Teach your boys better. 


What do you think?

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