Halloween Hangover (and our Party Info) OR: The Socialization of Homeschoolers and their Parents on the Blasphemous Holiday of Worshipping Satan.


What is it like planning your very first Halloween party at your home while in the throes of depression and grieving? Actually not too bad. It was exciting and nerve wracking  to host a party for a group for the first time. Totally worth the pain.

My homeschool group cohorts, J, and I set our heads together and made a great list of food, games, and activities for Halloween. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos, but ideas were inspired by pins in this Pinterest boardWe planned on a late afternoon party with indoor and outdoor activities and food, followed by a trip into the next town a few minutes away (my town is tiny and not much Halloween happenings) for a round of trick or treating for a few blocks. Then we decided that after all our hard work and play it was time for a movie and drinks for adults outside by the fire pit back at our house. Til 1 AM. None of us planned this late. Just happened. Not bad, it was great company and conversation.  

I just have to ask, how does anyone plan a decent sized party when you have young children in your home? Cleaning took us the longest. Not that I wanted a spotless house but somewhat decent. Every time I swept the kids or the dog ran into the house with muddy shoes or paws. I need an automatic industrial sized vacuum to g behind the kids and pick up their trails. 


Parties need food. Especially since we decided nutrition was necessary before the candy influx. Our spread was not allergy or intolerance friendly but there was something for everyone. Mostly everyone wanted meat and finger foods, which is perfect as long as the kids ate them. Which they did. Score.

  • Mummy dogs (kosher)
  • Meatball bats
  • Fresh veggie platter- cauliflower, broccoli, snap peas, carrots, celery, olives
  • Variety of chicken wings
  • Tortilla and potato chips
  • Guacamole, ranch dip, cheese dip, etc.

games and activities

These were awesomely fun. Most of the setup someone had from previous parties or functions so we didn’t spend a lot in this category.

  • Donuts on a string- they loved this a lot. We used a fishing pole and yarn. About 1/2 the powdered donuts were made up like spiders with thin licorice. Each kid did it 3 times, each time getting more difficult- like levels in a video game. Totally fun to watch and play.
  • Stab the balloons- balloons were filled with a favor, like a dinosaur or necklace. Used rubber tip darts.
  • Candy corn bowling- this is a game someone had. Liter pop bottles filled w/ sand and then glued closed. Roll a pumpkin and see how many you knock down.
  • Pumpkin carving- we totally wanted to do this but by the time anyone was interested it was getting pretty dark out. So we all had to pass.
  • Day of the Dead masks- we didn’t have time for this one either. We definitely didn’t allot each activity as much time as we should have. Either way. We were going to color and decorate w/ various items, cut out, hole punch and tie with ribbons. We have them for next time.
  • Hocus Pocus Halloween favorite. Kids watched a bit while eating (so as to pacify the younger crowd into sitting still right? Bad parents right here hehehe) then finished after trick or treating.

Everyone took some glow stick jewelry and reflective snap bracelets. Packed into vehicles and drove off. Trick or treating in a group is so much more fun then by ourselves. They all had a great time too- ages 2-12. Even young J, who worked hard to keep up with the group but didn’t want to miss a house.

A zombie, a witch, and a non-vampire walk into an alley..

A zombie, a witch, and a non-vampire walk into an alley..

Came back to our house, the kids got settled in the living room taking inventory of their booty. They played with Legos and visited for hours. Young J came out and asked me to read him a story (cue bedtime) not long after we got home. A few of us made ourselves drinks- hot chocolate of the regular and spiked varieties, straight whiskey, oatmeal stout. The weather was nice, perfect by the fire with sweaters. We didn’t get rained on.

the aftermath

Everyone got to take whatever leftovers they wanted home. We ate ours all day yesterday, in between candy. I think I’m instituting our detox time now, save the rest of it for experiments. A full 24 hours is enough. We were all exhausted yesterday. Ended up watching movies and playing outside, but mostly sleeping. So much excitement, need one down day right?

As I sit here and still stuff my mouth with Snickers. Once a year is enough of this I tell you what. 


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