#witchychallenge2018 #3 Herbs


I’ve used herbs in multiple forms for a long time in medicine and food. This will be just a quick list of herbs I use in my spiritual practice.

  • Sage.
  • Lavender. So much lavender.
  • Rosemary.
  • Sweetgrass.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Pine (needles and bark).
  • Vanilla.
  • Peppermint.

I’m sure there are others but that’s off the top of my head.

My preferred forms are fresh, dried, oils (essential and infused), and teas (which..fresh or dried). I prefer wildharvested; when I can’t find locally I order from Mountain Rose Herbs in Oregon. I infuse my own oils, buy essential preferably from small distillers (obviously though I have a lot of Now brand as that’s what I could find at the time I needed them). I have a lot of herbs in our chest freezer as well (like vanilla bean).

I feel like I should show a photo or two of resources (not witchy I’m afraid) and storage. I’m so disorganized.


#witchychallenge2018 #2- Ritual


Rituals have always been important to me. Simple rituals I do regularly are:

  • Evening bath a couple times a week. Cleansing frustrations that go down the drain. Adding oils and/or salts as appropriate.
  • Morning coffee. Basic. Not much paganism attached to this except a basic will to live is fortified in the morning.
  • Weekly safe or incense burning. I prefer to do this after a weekly cleanup, after everything is swept and vacuumed (which in itself is a ritual- I cleanse my space, sweep out bad energy, replace my space with good to follow through the next week).
  • Moon rituals. I follow the cycle, recognize each change. At a full moon I have a cleansing bath, set out my crystals on the south facing windowsill, and burn papers of things I want to release from my mind. At a new moon I like to set intentions for the next month, and burn paper.
  • I burn a lot of paper of things I want to release. When I need to.
  • Journaling. Writing helps me release pressure and overwhelming emotions onto paper. I don’t like to burn my journals though.
  • Nature walks. I live 15 miles away from pristine national forest. We hike, camp, harvest wild herbs, and cut wood for heat. While we are there I like to tune into the earth. I pretty much find places whenever we travel as well.
  • Sabbat rituals. Food, candles, spending time outside, incorporating rituals to center, ruminate on cycles, and requesting of the universe specific energy.

So those are the big ones!