My To Do List Updated


Taken from my list I made when I was ill, updated.

  1. Deep clean my house
    1. hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
  2. Shampoo carpets
    1. See above.
  3. Winterize home and greenhouse
    1. It’s spring bitches. Never happened. I’m surprised the greenhouse is still standing. Poor fish are gone.
  4. Roof greenhouse- wind-proof that bastard
    1. See above. I guess we are in the process of pricing out materials to do in a couple weeks though so some progress.
  5. Finish learning code
    1. I was drugged til early February. I don’t remember crap. Still on list.
  6. Start back on my blog and other writing
    1. Huh well this counts right?
  7. Reorganize basement 
    1. See #1 and #2.
  8. Start walking kids to school again
    1. Though I haven’t specifically done this yet, we have gone on walks and little hikes. Gaining back my strength and muscle mass I lost is taking a long time.
  9. Finish planning Scout year
    1. With help from a new coleader, we are mostly planned and executing plans regularly.
  10. Fix chimney
    1. Yah not yet.
  11. Geocache at the beach
    1. Actually YES! I have done this!! I forgot to post about it. It was fun. We needed more time at the beach but it was great.
  12. Fishing!
    1. Not yet, but soon. Things need to thaw around here.
  13. Finish collecting wood for winter
    1. See #1, #2, and anything that refers to those.

Overall, my body is healing at an intense rate. Doing regular daily things strains my muscles and I’m usually exhausted physically by the end of the day. Considering atrophy began in August and ran til January/February, I have a lot to make up for. The things I’ve been able to do I’ve been excited and proud I’ve accomplished. I walked a half mile! I vacuumed! I lifted my child! YAY! Seems silly but when you haven’t been able to do simple tasks for months it’s amazing.


My Illness Explained.


Trigger warning: the following story contains graphic details that may be unsettling. You don’t have to read it so don’t give me that ‘you shouldn’t post this’ crap. 

August 2016 I started having severe cramping and sharp pain in my pelvic and abdominal regions. I started bleeding heavily and didn’t stop. Most days I couldn’t get out of bed as movement caused more pain and bleeding. At the end of the month I finally decided I had to see a doctor, who found a uterine polyp and determined that was the problem. This had to be a new medical development as I have had numerous ultrasounds and examinations in the recent past that didn’t find any uterine abnormalities. I was referred to an OBGYN to discuss options of removal. After talking with local offices I found one in Spokane (100 miles from me) that treated me with dignity and gave me choice. We decided on a D&C which I had to wait til October for. In the interim I was taking painkillers daily to get through the day and my partner took sick time to care for E and J.

After the surgery I felt fine til mid-November when I almost took myself to the ER for a transfusion and pain shot. Fortunately for my budget I had this ‘unless I lose consciousness I will not go’ and my partner helped me stay conscious and fed me iron by the buttload.

In the end, I ended up having to have an supracervical hysterectomy (uterus and tubes everything else stayed) due to my bladder being fused a few cm up onto my uterus by scar tissue. This was most likely caused by my last cesarean. Now if anyone knows that story you know why I’ve been so pissed off about the whole ordeal. Hell, I’ve been trying to write it out since it happened and I haven’t.

So I’ve been dealing with this weird pain for 8 f-ing years. Doctors claimed I was attention seeking, lying, just fat, my hormones were off. Ya know because I’m female I must not know the difference between what’s normal pain and what’s not. But they took my money after 10 minutes of belittling my pain. A little over 2 years ago it got to the point I couldn’t lift or do much strenuous exercise for very long without repercussions. I just dealt with it; I figured no practitioner had taken me seriously yet about it so I have to live with it. In August I wouldn’t stop bleeding and the pain was excruciating.

So that’s what happened.

And that’s why I despise doctors and the medical system in the United States.